Share Department Management

Data Entry, Processing and Maintenance are the most important basic need of any organization. It is an exceptionally vital area of expertise that helps boost the performance standard competence.

As Banks/Credit cooperative societies grow, the number of shareholders grows and amount of data being churned out also grows exponentially. Most Banks/Credit cooperative Societies spend a large amount of time and money in data maintenance and retrieval.

While data maintenance of such activity is important, it is also a non core process which can be easily outsourced to an expert provider of such services like Uniminds Consultancy Service Pvt Ltd.

Our team is adept in handling all processes that enable an efficient maintenance of data records. Outsourcing is indeed beneficial as we take the onus of delivering quality output within a certain time limit, which helps Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies pay attention to other core areas of their business. It reduces the burden of hiring separate staff for this job and incurring costs, which can be invested further for future growth and expansion of their business. We offer these services at affordable rates and guarantee complete security and confidentiality of such records.

Our wide range of Share Data Processing Services includes:

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Data Capture, Conversion, Processing and mining
  • Online Data Retrieval
  • Data Collation and compilation

Event & AGM Management

The annual general meeting (AGM) is the biggest event in any corporate calendar. It is a complex and costly exercise to summons shareholders and manage the voting process.

Throughout the process, Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies are on show to their most valuable external investors - their shareholders. So they need to ensure it is carried out professionally, with accuracy and within the strict deadlines. And in order to reach the quorum, it must be easy for their shareholders to participate.

Event & AGM Management

for what we do ensures consistently high-quality work and productive alliances with customers. All our employees conduct themselves in a manner befitting our corporate beliefs, imitating professionalism and demonstrating leadership in every little task.

Salient Features of Our AGM/Event Management:

  • Generation of shareholders/members list
  • Generation and distribution of Identity Cards/Coupons/Proxy forms for the attendance
  • Maintenance of attendance at the time of AGM

KYC Compliances

The objective of KYC guidelines is to prevent Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies from being used, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities. Related procedures also enable Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies to know or understand their customers, and their financial dealings better. This helps them manage their risks prudently. Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies usually frame their KYC policies incorporating the following four key elements:

  • Customer Policy
  • Customer Identification Procedures
  • Monitoring of Transactions
  • Risk management

For the purposes of a KYC policy, a Customer may be defined as :

  • A person or entity that maintains an account and/or has a business relationship with the bank
  • One on whose behalf the account is maintained (i.e. the beneficial owner)
  • Beneficiaries of transactions conducted by professional intermediaries, such as Stock Brokers, Chartered Accountants, Solicitors etc. as permitted under the law
  • Any person or entity connected with a financial transaction which can pose significant reputational or other risks to the bank, say, a wire transfer or issue of a high value demand draft as a single transaction

ISalient Features of Our KYC Services:

  • Simple, easy and convenient process
  • Scan and upload KYC documents
  • Data capturing and processing
  • Maintenance of KYC complied account
  • Easy retrieval and report generation
  • No worries for Banks/Credit Co-operative Societies on Client KYC information maintenance