Share Department Management

  • Documented process, guidelines & checklist for all service operations
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Focus on client data secrecy
  • Astonishing technology for all transactions, correspondence and database maintenance, Signature Cropping & verification
  • Tailor made processes and outputs for each client
  • Significant Cost savings and Better Shareholder Services
  • Utmost level of Corporate Governance
  • Record maintenance and KYC compliance of every shareholder
  • Registering transfer/transmission of shares
  • Registering Change of Address, Power of Attorneys, etc
  • Record maintenance of issuance of Duplicate Share Certificates
  • Dividend distribution & reconciliation
  • Advisory services & value additions
  • Support for AGM and other shareholders meetings like record keeping of Active and Passive members data
  • Qualified, trained and highly experienced professionals

Products - ReachTM Solution Suite Features

Customer On-boarding

  • User Management
  • Roles Creation
  • Authorization Matrix
  • Accounts Registration and Mapping
  • Service Entitlements

Service Configuration and Management

  • AService Creation
  • Service Bouquet Creation
  • Service Entitlements
  • Service Life Cycle Management
  • Service Limits Parameterization

Device and Application Management

  • Centralized Mobile Application Store
  • Centralized Device Registry Maintenance
  • Device OS and Versions Management
  • Role based Application and Actions Provisioning
  • Centralized Entitlements Management – Role, Application, Action, Product, Customers, Device
  • Data Synchronization Capabilities
  • Device Loss Registration
  • Network Providers Maintenance

Core Services

  • Event Configuration (Triggers jobs to handle Requests)
  • Channel Configuration (for Interfaces)
  • Event to Channel and Process Mapping
  • Message Configuration (Request and Responses)
  • Scheduler Configuration
  • Masters Synchronization with Core Banking System

ReachTM 24x7 Platform

Account Enquiry Services

  • Balance enquiry for all types of Accounts
  • Account Statement with Configurable number of transactions
  • Cheque Status Enquiry
  • Live Account Passbook (ReachTM Smart Only)
  • Deposit Interest Rate Enquiry

Account Request Services

  • Account Statement Request by Mail
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque Request / Revocation
  • Cheque Status Enquiry
  • Open Deposit Request
  • Renew Deposit Request
  • DD/PO Request

Fund Transfer Services

  • Own Account Transfer
  • Beneficiary Registration
  • Third Party Transfer within Bank
  • Third Party Transfer using NEFT / RTGS
  • IMPS transfer using IMPS (P2P , P2A,P2M), Interfaced with Internet Banking, ATM and other Channels of the Bank

Utility Bill Payments including

  • Mobile / DTH Top-Up
  • Configured Agency Bill Payments
  • Merchant Payments
  • Online Ticket Booking
  • Insurance Premium Payment

Additional Services

  • Customer Information Management
  • Loan EMI Calculator
  • ATM/Branch Locator (ReachTM Smart Only)
  • Debit Card Request
  • Fixed Deposit Opening
  • Standing Instructions Registration for Fund Transfer Services
  • Deposit Rate Enquiry
  • Security Support: PIN Management, Expiry, Blocking / Un-Blocking

ReachTM Administration Console

Administration Services

  • Registration module to register customer
  • De- registration
  • Audit trail – request level logging, event and session logging and reporting
  • Limit maintenance – Amount and numbers of transaction limit setting at user level/Account level
  • Device management, registration, blocking, change of device
  • Device application Management, auto / manual deployment, refresh / up-grade of version
  • Service blocking / Enabling user level
  • Security implementation
  • Extensive queries in transaction with filters such as date, user, mobile ID, service, amount, Success / failure, device.

Reporting Services

  • Daily summary report
  • Mobile Banking registration/ De-registration report
  • PIN Change report
  • Banking Service wise detail report such as Balance enquiry, Mini statement, Stop Cheque etc.
  • Report on Inter Bank beneficiary registration
  • Report on Biller registration
  • Report on Bill Payment registration
  • Report on Inter Bank fund transfer
  • Biller wise detail bill payment report
  • Mobile top up done
  • Detail report on all service requests
  • Audit trail of all administrative functions
  • Reports for reconciliation of transaction
  • Reports on failed or rejected transactions